SPC provides experienced part-time staffing services for the energy industry. Our quick-response staff augmentation delivers skilled temporary professionals when and where you need them, offering top-tier support tailored to your program budget.

Power Delivery

Power Generation




Our team members are qualified industry veterans, including many former electric utility employees. SPC staffers provide solid, knowledgeable, and capable support for:

Outage and Project Management | Construction Oversight | Environmental Services | Power Delivery Engineering

SPC Delivers the Staff You Need, When You Need Them

Your project schedule needs to be met, and your success hinges on bringing the right team together. That’s where Systems Planning Corporation—SPC—can help. SPC delivers skilled specialists with the experience to take on a variety of responsible, essential roles in the field, at the plant, or in the office. SPC’s long-term, trusted relationships with energy-industry experts work to our clients’ benefit, empowering us to bring the best people together in order to deliver the right skills to projects.

SPC’s Industry-Leading Team Means Opportunity for Staff and Client

Our solid, trusted relationships in the energy industry work to attract a range of accomplished specialists to the SPC staff pool. We are always looking for the best people to add to our roster—seasoned industry veterans who are eager to exercise their skills on exciting projects around the United States. Apply now to join the SPC team.

For our clients, this means that SPC staff is made up of professionals with the time-honed expertise needed to fill an array of essential roles in support of a range of projects and initiatives.

SPC’s Vision and Mission

To be the provider of choice for  skilled staffing resources that our clients can trust to support and advance their operational and project initiatives.

What Distinguishes SPC?



Outage and Project Staffing Services

SPC project staff are skilled at providing supplemental support to clients for maintenance projects and capital projects under the client’s day-to-day supervision and management across multiple industries. SPC provides staff to assist on projects of all sizes, from large maintenance outages to individual troubleshooting assignments. Assignments can range in length from 1 week to over 2 years at the client site. Acting as the owner’s representative, SPC staff provides project management and coordination services for:

  • Outage planning
  • Scheduling
  • Project and task estimating
  • Boiler maintenance
  • Turbine maintenance
  • Generator maintenance
  • Fan balancing and maintenance
  • Motor inspections
  • Structural repairs and inspections
  • Ductwork maintenance/replacements
  • SO2 Scrubber operation, optimization, and maintenance
  • SCR optimization, maintenance, and catalyst rotation
  • Electrical maintenance
  • Pump maintenance
  • Expansion joint maintenance and replacement
  • Concrete placement and repair
  • Vendor surveillance
  • Administrative support
  • General labor support

SPC maintains an active list of outage personnel across the United States and can access their expertise to serve clients throughout the country. Many of these are veteran staff who often choose to move throughout the U.S after retirement, and are willing to step back into temporary roles that utilize their 25+ years of experience to support our clients’ goals.

Power Delivery Engineering

SPC engineering staff provide services for power delivery engineering projects including:

  • Structural design for substations
  • Design for underground and overhead transmission, distribution, and fiber lines
Construction Oversight Services

SPC construction oversight staff are skilled at monitoring the daily activities and building materials that are critical to Power Generation and Delivery construction projects under the technical direction and supervision of client personnel. We observe the work that is executed to determine if it is performed in accordance with project construction documents, including drawings and specifications. SPC’s oversight services cover all elements of the building process including material quality and workmanship. SPC’s construction oversight staff will skillfully address the distinct construction challenges of our clients in the areas of:

  • Overhead electric transmission lines (up to 500kV)
  • Underground electric transmission lines (up to 230kV)
  • Overhead electric distribution lines (up to 34.5kV)
  • Underground electric distribution lines (up to 34.5kV)
  • Substations (physical and civil)
  • Power stations
  • Landfills
  • Haul roads and bridges
  • Foundations
  • Retaining walls
  • Access roads
Environmental Support Services

SPC environmental support staff provide services to facilitate the construction and operation of energy projects under the technical direction and supervision of client personnel. These efforts include monitoring for compliance with construction documents and permit requirements, as well as the success of mitigation procedures and permit oversight. Our services include:

  • Erosion and sediment control monitoring
  • Section 404/401 and state waterbody permit implementation monitoring
  • Water quality monitoring
  • Vegetation monitoring
  • Habitat/species protection monitoring
  • Bat surveys
  • Cultural resource surveys

Find Your Job Opportunity at SPC

Join SPC’s team of highly skilled planners, environmental specialists, project managers, subject matter experts, schedulers, administrative professionals, and more, and help staff operations and advance initiatives for a range of energy and industry clients.

SPC is a subsidiary of GAI Consultants. SPC’s job opportunities are hosted through GAI’s Careers portal.